If you're not an early bird and prefer to enjoy the beauty of evenings, our Sunset Package is perfect for you. It's designed for those who want to experience the charm of the setting sun below the horizon.

With this package, you won't have the paradise colors (blue water, white sand) like you'd have in the other packages but you can embrace the tranquil and romantic atmosphere as the warm golden light creates a different but magical ambiance.

  • More or less 60 minutes
  • 1 location
  • Guaranteed 40 edited photos
  • A comfortable and fun photoshoot
  • Pick-up available up to 4 adults
  • Afternoon session, after 5pm

Note: We believe that the perfect sunset setting should be as unique as you are. While we don't have a fixed location for capturing sunsets, we offer you the flexibility to choose the spot that resonates with your vision. Whether it's the beach, your hotel, the lighthouse, a rocky area, or somewhere else entirely, simply let us know your preference, and we'll brainstorm together to find the ideal location for your photoshoot.

What can you expect?

Our photoshoot experience is designed to make you feel completely at ease, whether it's your first time in front of the camera or you're a seasoned pro. We want this photoshoot to be fun and enjoyable, and our goal is to make your photos look the absolute best! So sit back, relax, and leave the rest to us.

We guarantee a standard turnaround time of 2 weeks, but we also offer faster options for an additional fee, allowing you to receive your photos within 3 days or even 24 hours. The photos will be delivered digitally in an Online gallery where you can view and download your photos.