Proposal Manchebo Beach

This is it, you booked the photoshoot for your proposal! Exciting and yet Nerve-racking. We are here to guide you to the spot of the proposal, where we will be waiting for you to go on your knees!


Taxi / Car

You take the taxi or car to Manchebo Beach Resort, the taxi will stop in front of the lobby of the hotel, this is an open hotel and don't have to worry. If anybody asks you, you just say you want to do a beach walk. You get out of the taxi and walk through the hotel towards the beach (see image below).


Finding us

Once you are out of the taxi, walking through the hotel and have the beach in sight... you will walk all the way to the ocean and turn RIGHT. You will walk the beach with the ocean on your left until you see a photographer taking photos of his daughter. Behind my daughter is your spot to propose, my daughter will jump out of the way.

Quick Recap

There are a lot of ways to reach the beach, but once you take a taxi to Manchebo Beach Resort, it pretty much can't go wrong, as you see here at the image, most ways lead to the beach, where we will be waiting for you!

  1. Take a taxi or car towards Manchebo Beach Resort
  2. Walk through the lobby, or on the right side of the hotel
  3. The beach is behind the hotel, it doesn't really matter what way you walk, as long as you go straight to the ocean.
  4. We will make sure that we are in front of where the next hotel starts with their beach bed. You can see this at the drone image on the right as well.
  5. Follow the beach, with the ocean on your left, until you see me photographing my daughter. Your proposal spot is right behind her.

A little tip

There are 2 ways to make this easy and not raise suspicion, so she won't expect a think about the proposal. The most easy way is that you make a reservation at Bucuti & Tara Restaurant for a Romantic dinner. You can get more information about this romantic dinner by clicking on the image.

They are very populair so make sure to make a reservation as soon as possible.

The second way is to lie about the restaurant, because maybe you have a different restaurant planned for her that evening. But just lie, and let the proposal happen. :)


Bottle of Champagne

For just an additional $50, we'll deliver a chilled bottle of champagne and two glasses directly to your spot on the beach. Imagine the joy of popping the cork against the backdrop of the sun setting over the waves, creating unforgettable moments and capturing stunning photos.


Make your romantic moments soar to new heights! For an extra $100, we offer the perfect addition to your love story – a drone photography session capturing unique and breathtaking angles of you two love birds.